What is the attire?

The general rule is “wear what you have”. You will see people in jeans, all the way to suits and clergy attire, so wear what makes you comfortable.

Will I be pressured to give?

While we believe that giving back to God clearly has multiple benefits, our guest are not under any obligation to give. Free Will Offerings – Giving a portion of what you have freely. Tithe – It literally means 10%. This is a biblical principal found in Malachi 33:10. Our members follow this principle. Sacrificial giving – There are seasons when the Holy Spirit prompts us to give and plant seeds above and beyond our normal giving. In every area we encourage you to approach giving with an honest and prayerful heart as we are taught to be good stewards of all that comes to our hands.

How can I get connected?

There are many areas here at The City of Hope that you can get connected to. Volunteers are the driving force that make The City of Hope function at its best. If you are interested in connecting to any area, and helping us to better our serve, stop by the Connect/Info Desk, fill out a form and someone will contact you.

What are the services like?

Some have said that it is unlike anything they have ever experienced. You will see people of all walks of life and ages expressing their gratitude through singing, lifting their hands and lifting and clapping their hands. The praise and worship is awesome! Dance ministry adds a flavor that will have you wanting to move. Because we are an International church, people from many different states and countries often come visit. Many come to be prayed for with multiple confirmations of healing. Others come to receive a prophetic instruction from the Lord. Whether you are just beginning your journey of faith, coming back after a while, or you are already committed and ready to take your next steps in Christ, “There’s a Place for You here at The City”